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Do you struggle with the software and apps you use?

Do you rely on Excel? Have you found limitations as to what you can do there? Perhaps you think this is as good as it can get?

Excel is a great piece of software, but is it really the best fit for what you need?  Do you have trouble with any of these:

  • User restrictions

  • Reliance on one office Excel expert

  • No audit trail for changes

  • Software ownership means continuous licence renewals

If you relate to any of these then you need to talk to us. Our custom software development might just be able to save you both time and money!

Our team have been building applications since 1995

The experience we’ve gained along the way helps us create software that meets your expectations and more. Which is what’s important, right?

Unlike many of our competitors, all of our work is carried out by our in house team. So if you want to talk functionality with our developer, you can. We encourage clients to pop in for a review meeting and coffee or give us a call when they need to speak.

In fact, if you never get to speak with your existing developer or designer, it’s likely the work is being outsourced by the agency.


How can custom PHP development help you?

Custom Web Applications

Successful projects always have a clear objective at their core. In planning how to achieve this objective, Interact IT work with our clients to create a solution that works both for their users and the client themselves. By utilising custom web development, we have saved our clients time and money through automation, simplified administration and integrated systems.

PHP Web Development

All our web applications are Open Source Software (PHP & MySQL), and comply with all relevant Open Standards. You are free of vendor lock-in, you can customize and extend your website however you want, you own it without restrictions!

CodeIgniter Development

As a seasoned web development agency, Conveyancing Assist love developing bespoke software applications. We recognise the importance of giving our clients a solution that will meet your needs for today and for the future, a solution that will grow with your business. For bespoke projects, we like to develop using the Codeigniter PHP framework as it allows us to code applications in a structured, yet totally flexible way, allowing for future growth and development.


We’re comfortable using a number of technologies and have a wide range of experience across the internet related field within our company.

  • PHP

  • CodeIgniter (PHP Framework)

  • JavaScript

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

  • MySQL

  • Apache

  • Linux

Example Application Interfaces

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