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How database creation can help you


“Conveyancing Assist are a PHP/MySQL driven web development agency, specialising in MySQL databases which allow complex applications and business systems to be built to tight deadlines and budgets.”

Database – PHP & MySQL

PHP & MySQL together is one of the leading dynamic programming languages for developing database-driven, content-rich websites and web applications. PHP is secure, fast and ready to be developed to your needs. It’s one of the fastest languages and still receives support from the developers and community, keeping up to date and staying robust.

Open Source Database

PHP and MySQL are open-source computer programming languages which means that thousands of PHP/MySQL code developers and engineers worldwide contribute to the development of the language, making it richer, more adaptable and more dynamic than any other database coding language combination. Companies and institutions worldwide are choosing to develop their Websites utilising PHP/MySQL.

No Licensing Contracts Needed

When you choose MySQL as your database solution, you own all of the data stored inside of it. This is particularly reassuring as you don’t need to worry about your data being unavailable or not having access to it at any point.

Database Technologies

We’re comfortable using a number of technologies and have a wide range of experience across the internet related field within our company, but we mainly use PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux (collectively known as LAMP).

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Contact us to discuss your database queries and requirements! We’re always happy to help and have lots of knowledge of multiple languages, so can be familiar with your new software.

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