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Do you need a Custom CMS?


“With years of experience creating custom web applications, Interact IT can create professional, tailor-made content management systems that not only perform the tasks you need but is also much more secure than it’s off the shelf counterparts.”


A custom CMS uses bespoke coding to create the website and admin interface. As this code isn’t commonly used it can’t easily be exploited making a CMS much more secure than more popular CMS’ such as WordPress. Without some sort of protection, WP is fairly likely to be hacked. A CMS is a good workaround as it is all custom coded and each one will be different.


When developing a CMS, we develop the functionality needed. No more, no less. What this means is that the website will only load up the functionality that is needed on that page, creating a fast, sleek experience.


Many off the shelf websites need to be replaced almost on a yearly basis due to non-compliant coding conflicting with other code areas. A custom CMS can have a shelf life of 7 years+ before changes may be needed.

Ease of Use

CMS’ tend to come with a huge range of different options – which should be great, however, this can cause confusion on how to use it. A custom CMS will give the options that you actually need and use, making changes really simple.

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