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Car Trading Websites – AutoTrader

We have converted a car trader website from AutoTrader to a website version using our own CMS software. No big deal it may seem, however, we thought it was worth talking about and exploring the possibilities that this can bring around.

AutoTrader Integration

AutoTrader has really great functionality and is almost impossible to ignore if you want a successful car trading business.  It can provide dealers with integrated websites to be able to display and sell your car stock online as easy as uploading your cars to the portal – all good it would seem, right?

Well, there may be certain actions that you would like to adapt on your website that you either will be unable to do or have to increase your subscription and monthly payment plan to do.  The required changes could be something as simple as an SEO change that you won’t be able to perform as the system is locked.  There are very good reasons for this, but that doesn’t help you if want to increase your website visitors from Google!

AutoTrader Benefits

The benefit of an integrated website with AutoTrader is how easy it is to upload new stock to the website, as it is integrated with the usual AutoTrader dashboard, meaning that uploading a car in the normal way that you are used to sends that car to be listed on your website automatically.

Car Trading Website Integration

What we have done, is build our own website for car dealers and allow integration with AutoTrader to populate the car stock database.  This means that you can continue to upload your cars to AutoTrader in the same way that you are familiar with, which will in turn then update the website with the new car in the correct place, with the added benefit of having full control over every area of your website.

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